No matter how it breaks, if professionally installed, your mirror replacement’s replacement is on us…

If a Burco Redi Cuts® or Redi-Set-Go® automotive mirror replacement is professionally installed by a Burco Certified installer/Retailer breaks, for any reason, it will be replaced with a new Redi Cuts® or Redi-Set-Go® replacement mirror according to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The Burco Break-Free Guarantee™ only applies to Redi Cuts® and Redi-Set-Go® mirror replacements professionally installed by a Burco Certified Installer.
  2. The Burco Break-Free Guarantee™ entitles covered registrant to (1) free replacement per Redi Cuts® or Redi-Set-Go® mirror replacement purchased. To ensure proper coverage, Burco must have on file (1) Break-Free Guarantee™ registration card completed for (1) Redi Cuts® mirror purchased.
  3. The Burco Break-Free Guarantee™ registration card, vehicle owner’s name, vehicle VIN, and applicable Burco Certified retailer/installer’s company name must be on file within 60 days of purchase/install.
  4. Upon filing a proper claim, Burco will send replacement mirror directly to the Break-Free Guarantee™ installer. Please give us 48 hours processing time. Mirror will be sent standard ground to the installer in which original mirror was installed. Verification of professional install may be requested and/or performed by Burco.
  5. Installation charges may apply and vary, even though the replacement mirror itself is free. Registrant must contact installer/retailer for a quote of work needed. Burco, Inc. is not responsible or liable for any damages incurred to vehicle by applicable installer.
  6. Installation time and labor must be scheduled by Break-Free Guarantee™ registrant in proper accordance with installer.
  7. The Break-Free Guarantee™ is subject to change without notice. Offer may be modified, rescinded, canceled, or extended at any time.
  8. The Break-Free Guarantee™ remains in effect for the life of the vehicle legally titled to the registrant on file.                                                                BURCO® EXACT-FIT GUARANTEE TERMS AND CONDITIONS

We are confident that your mirror will fit. Guaranteed!

We stand behind the fit of our Redi Cuts® and Redi-Set-Go® mirror replacements. This is why we offer you an Exact-Fit Guarantee according to the following terms and conditions:

1. The Burco Exact-Fit Guarantee only applies to Redi Cuts® and Redi-Set-Go® mirror replacements.

2. “EXACT-FIT” and whether your mirror can be designated as “not” exact fitting is defined by Burco. Please note that mirror size may vary slightly for ease of installation. Verification as defined by Burco may be required.

3. Exact-Fit Guarantee applies only to the cut shape of your mirror. It does not apply to other functionalities and or laser etching.

4. The Burco Exact-Fit Guarantee applies only if your Redi Cuts® or Redi-Set-Go® mirror is the correct mirror for your vehicle. If an incorrect mirror was purchased by mistake, returns/exchanges must go through the original retailer/installer/distributor.

5. Proper steps must have been followed in obtaining the correct mirror. Which include but are not limited to: verification of the correct make/model/year for your vehicle, verification of proper driver/passenger orientation, precise measuring your mirror, and verification of OE mirror functionalities.

6. Warranty ONLY applies to Burco mirror replacements installed on an original equipment (OE) vehicle, OE mirror head or OE mirror assembly. Burco mirror replacements fit specific to OE vehicles, OE mirror heads, and OE mirror assemblies. It is the purchaser’s and/or vehicle owner’s responsibility to verify that the mirror is OE and not aftermarket of any sort.

7. Proper verification of your mirror assembly, vehicle VIN, purchase details, and any other form of verification as defined by Burco may be requested. All verification must be submitted as requested by Burco for Exact-Fit Guarantee to apply.

8. All Exact-Fit Guarantee claims must be submitted within 30 days of the original purchase. Verification may be requested.

9. Upon approval, Burco will send a free replacement directly to you at no cost. Please allow 48 hours for processing time. The mirror will be shipped standard ground.

10. The Burco Exact-Fit Guarantee is subject to change without notice. Offer may be modified, rescinded, canceled, or extended at any time.