I do not see a code or instruction manual inside of my Redi Cuts® or Redi-Set-Go™ box as noted on the back of my box. Which method of installation should I use?

Please use this guide to help you with your installation during our trasition to new packaging.

-Install code A: Most mirrors can be installed using this fit over method.  If you see a fit over label on your mirror’s bubble bag you must use this code only. Burco® Mirror Catalog tech note “fits over existing broken mirror” applies.

-Install code B: Remove broken mirror glass. Please test fit your mirror and determine if this method can be used for your mirror.

-Install code C: Use this method for all heated mirrors with (H) in the Burco part number.

-Install code D: The gasket fit code applies to west coast style mirrors with visible rubber gaskets holding your mirror inside the mirror head. Gasket fit mirrors are fairly uncommon.

Which install code do I use to install my mirror?

Installation codes are specific to each part. Your part specific install code can be found on the front label of your Redi Cuts® or Redi-Set-Go® box.

I have a broken side view mirror. Can I install a Burco mirror replacement myself?

Yes. You can fix it yourself. Some mirrors are easier to install than others so it is always a great option to have it installed by a professional auto glass installer. Please view the How to Install page if you would like to do it yourself, or refer to your instruction manual inside of your Redi Cuts® or Redi-Set-Go™ box . If you are more of a “do it for me” type of person please find a Burco installer near you. 

Where can I find installation instructions for my Burco mirror replacement?

Please see the How to Install page for videos, step by step instructions, tools needed for installation, and steps for safety. Installation instructions are also provided inside of your Redi-Mirror or Redi-Mirror + Backing Plate box.

Can I install my mirror replacement with a urethane based adhesive?

Yes. We encourage the use of urethane or silicone based adhesives paired with our OEM strength double-sided Redi-Stick adhesive patches (RS-01, included in box).

Can I modify the double-sided adhesive circles when I install my side view mirror replacement?

Yes. Modification of our OEM strength double-sided Redi-Stick adhesive patches (RS-01, included in box) is encouraged to ensure maximum coverage and adhesion for different mirror shapes. We recommend that you cut the circles with scissors before you remove the backing. Please use cut-resistant gloves, safety glasses, and follow proper safety precautions.