There are so many choices. How do I choose the correct Burco mirror replacement?

Be sure to educate yourself on what features your original (OE) side view mirror has. Secondly, take a look at the shape and match the shape of your mirror to the correct mirror shape in our mirror catalog. Lastly, it is important to measure your broken side view mirror and read tech notes to narrow your choice down to the exact solution. Please visit the mirror catalog for more information.

I received the wrong mirror and it does not fit what do I do?

Please double check the shape next to the broken mirror on your vehicle. Make sure that the part number is visible at the bottom when you reference your mirror shape and always measure your mirror and read tech notes.

All returns must be initiated through your retailer of original purchase.

Will a Burco automotive mirror replacement be as good as my original mirror?

We are committed to a quality and affordable USA made product. Our mirror replacements are intended to be used as an alternative to high priced OEM mirrors and mirror assemblies. You will not ever have to worry about distortion. We source the highest quality first surface chrome mirrors available and we have strict quality standards.

Does Burco offer a manufacturer’s guarantee?

We do offer a Break-Free Guarantee™ only when your Burco mirror replacement is professionally installed by a Burco® Certified Installer. This does not apply to products that are bought online or at a retail auto parts store.

How do I know if my OEM mirror is heated and if my Burco mirror will come heated?

Heated icons can be found etched into your mirror. However, at many times the heated etching does not accompany heated mirrors. The only way to be sure that your mirror is heated is to check for the presence of wires behind your backing plate. Typically, the presence of two terminals attached to a heat grid will ensure that your mirror is heated. Burco part numbers with the suffix (H) denotes that it is a heated Burco mirror. All (H) parts are complete with a pre-applied heat grid.

How do I know if my OEM mirror is an auto-dimming or electrochromic (E/C) mirror?

E/C mirrors are typically thicker than mirrors without the auto-dimming function. The presence of wires can be a good indication of an E/C mirror but do not mistake heating wires for E/C wires. Typically, E/C wires are soldered directly to the glass. When E/C mirrors fail, you may see discoloration or a settling effect. We offer mirror glass replacements to replace your failed or broken E/C mirror. Burco mirrors do not auto dim.

Are Burco mirror replacements covered by my insurance?

Many insurance companies do cover Burco mirror replacements. Please be sure to check with your insurance provider or the repair shop that is replacing your mirror.

I am a Burco distributor. I would like to place an order. Does Burco have mirrors in stock?

We have regular stock of all mirror replacements and we ship within 24 hours. Place your order now!

I do not see the correct replacement for my vehicle. Am I missing something?

Burco product offerings do not always cover all vehicles and applications due to increased variations of OEM mirror shapes and functionalities. We strive to do our best to provide cost-effective and exact-fitting mirror solutions for the majority of commonly driven vehicles on the road.

What is the difference between a flat mirror and a convex mirror?

Flat mirrors are typically found on your driver’s side and have no curvature or radius.

Convex mirrors are typically found on your passenger’s side. Depending on the vehicle, convex side view mirrors can be found with different curvatures and radiuses.

Place a flat edge on your mirror’s surface. If there are gaps on the outer sides, your mirror is convex. Another good way to tell if your mirror is convex is by the presence of the “objects in mirror are closer than they appear” statement.