Where can I purchase a Burco windshield rack?

Most Burco windshield racks are available through your Burco distributor. Please contact us regarding flat bed and “vehicle specific” racks. Racks are also available for purchase if you are a qualified business and have a Burco business direct account. 

Which Burco windshield rack would work best for my vehicle?

It depends your company’s specific needs. Please reference each rack’s specifications section for capacity and dimensions.

How do I know which Burco windshield rack model I have?

Please try to match your rack up with racks listed on the racks page. Verify measurements to be sure. Still stumped? Feel free to contact us so we can look up your serial number to find your specific rack model.

How do I know what replacement parts to order for my rack?

Please visit the applicable rack’s webpage and find your model. Reference the “Rack Replacement Parts”  tab to view replacement parts for your specific rack model.