Does Burco offer a manufacturer’s guarantee?

We do offer a Break-Free Guarantee™ only when your Burco mirror replacement is professionally installed by a Burco® Certified Installer. Please see our Guarantee terms and conditions. This does not apply to products that are bought online or at a retail auto parts store.

Are Burco mirror replacements covered by my insurance?

Many insurance companies do cover Burco mirror replacements. Please be sure to check with your insurance provider or the repair shop that is replacing your mirror.

I am a Burco distributor. I would like to place an order. Does Burco have mirrors in stock?

We have regular stock of all mirror replacements and we ship within 24 hours. Place your order now!

What is the Burco® Business Direct Catalog used for?

The Burco “Business Direct Catalog” page is an area on burcoinc.com specifically designed for the commercial customer.  You can register in this direct portal if you are a business interested in ordering mirrors, windshield racks, or other products directly from Burco.  Account sign up and approval is usually done the same business day and is fulfilled if order is received by 2:00 EDT.  Please call us at 800.253.2593 if you have any questions.