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Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 111 (FMVSS-111) is a specification pertaining to the rear vision parts of a vehicle. This federal standard outlines important safety requirements as it relates to automotive mirrors. FMVSS 111 specifies the required range of vision that the driver must achieve utilizing rear vision products. These ranges are both horizontal and vertical angles from the side and rear of the vehicle. In addition, FMVSS 111 states that rear vision products “…shall have an average reflectance of at least 35 percent”. This part of the spec is achieved through the use of special first-surface chrome glass. If there was a convex part on the vehicle originally, it should be replaced with a convex part etched with the proper “OBJECTS APPEAR…” statement. Therefore, household mirrors should NOT be used in automotive mirror applications.

Our interpretation of the standard:

Passenger vehicles must have an inside mirror along with a driver’s side mirror for rear viewing. If viewing from an inside mirror is impossible; example a cube van, then the vehicle must have a passenger side mirror along with a driver’s side mirror.

The passenger side mirror is optional as long as there is a field of vision from using an inside rearview mirror. The passenger side mirror can be flat or convex. If it is convex, the insignia “Objects are closer than they appear” must be inscribed on the face. This does not apply to mirrors designated for “off-road” use.

The key function for rearview mirrors is to maximize the field of vision of the area behind the driver. The convex mirror was coined to increase that field of view. The federal law states, “A passenger car is not required to have an outside mirror on the passenger’s side unless its inside rearview mirror does NOT meet the field-of-view requirements of S5.1.1.” It does not specifically dictate usage of convex mirror for passenger side viewing; however, to be on the safe side, if a convex mirror part was originally used then convex should be reinstalled to maintain the maximum field of vision.

If the passenger’s side mirror is convex, the average radius of curvature shall be not less than 889 mm (35 inches) and not more than 1651 millimeters (65 inches) and shall not deviate from the average by more than plus or minus 12.5 percent.

All glass used on our “glass only” aftermarket mirror replacement products, if used as intended, are in accordance with FMVSS 111 and meet the same standards for reflectivity, radius of curvature, and has similar characteristics of the OEM mirror glass it’s replacing.

Test Results:

Our mirror glass has passed the following tests for Thermal cycling, Salt spray, Tape adhesion, Hot/cold Adhesion, Low/high temperature resistance, Corrodkote, and Humidity testing. No visible discoloration or poor adhesion was found. Our glass has also passed the following tests: in reflectance: (measured in accordance with SAE J964) our glass is not less than 35%, in transmittance: our glass does not exceed 4%, in radius of curvature: (tested in accordance with FMVSS 111) our glass does not deviate from average more than 12.5%.



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