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As a Certified Burco Installer, you can count on us for the marketing moxie to help you muscle your way into the profitable mirror replacement business. We provide the following:


Inclusion on our web locations page Free Gives visibility to your shop when searched for on our website’s location page.

Digital website assets Free : Need a logo, product pictures, or digital advertising? Letting customers know that your shop replaces mirrors is half the battle.

Sales tools Free Posters, counter cards, break free guarantee cards, and handouts

Break-Free Guarantee registration cards Free As a certified installer. You can guarantee every one of your Burco mirror installations against breakage for life! 1. Your shop installs a Burco mirror replacement 2. Mail us a BFG registration card or register online. 3. If notified of breakage, initiate a claim online. 4. We send the broken mirror’s replacement to your shop. Giving you a second point of contact with your customers and a value added service! See Break-Free Guarantee terms.

Burco 50: (optional) The Burco 50 is a kit that includes start up inventory of our top 50 selling mirrors that cover 50% of replacement applications including heated, signal, and trailering variants. Includes free shelving unit. Costs apply.


For marketing materials please contact us. To become a Certified Retailer, please fill out the application form below.